Killeen, TX
Jun 1, 2023

Solar Array Install in Killeen, Texas

Discover how a homeowner turned the tables on high utility costs with a custom solar solution from Lonestar Solar Services. Equipped with a 12.64 kWDC system and a smart Power Purchase Agreement, they're now enjoying reliable energy at a fraction of their previous costs.

Solar Array Install in Killeen, Texas
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05/12 - 06/13 (33 days)
Killeen, TX
Equipment Installed
19,239 kWh system / Mission 345W modules / Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
Solar Panels

Project: A Power Purchase Agreement that Powers Savings

When this homeowner approached Lonestar Solar Services, they were burdened with an average kWh price of 19.1 cents with their utility. They were seeking a solution that would not only reduce their energy costs but also contribute to a greener future. We were ready to deliver.

The Challenge

The homeowner's energy consumption was substantial, averaging just under 19,000 kWh per year. They needed a solution that would significantly reduce their energy costs without compromising on their energy needs.

The Lonestar Solution

We designed a custom solar system that would not only meet the homeowner's energy needs but also significantly reduce their energy costs.

  • Efficient Energy Production: We installed a 12.64 kWDC system equipped with Enphase Micro Inverters and Mission Solar Panels. This powerful system is projected to produce an average of 19,239 kWh per year, effectively meeting the homeowner's annual energy consumption. For more insights on this successful project, explore our Solar array install in Richmond Texas.
  • Smart Financing: We proposed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a financial arrangement that allows the homeowner to pay directly for the energy produced by the solar system at a rate of $0.113 cents per kWh. This rate is almost 8 cents cheaper per kWh than their previous utility rate, resulting in significant savings.
Neat and tidy installation of Electrical Wall, AC disconnect and Enphase Combiner Box/ Envoy

The Result

Today, the homeowner enjoys the benefits of a high-performing solar system that not only meets their energy needs but also significantly reduces their energy costs. They're not just saving money; they're also contributing to a more sustainable future.

At Lonestar Solar Services, we're not just installing solar panels; we're providing our clients with smart solar solutions that meet their unique needs and budget. Because we believe that a sustainable future should be accessible to everyone. To see an example of how these benefits come to life, take a look at a Solar array install in Donna Texas.

Power your home with Lonestar Solar Services, where smart solar solutions meet significant savings.


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