Richmond, TX
Jun 30, 2024

Solar Array Install in Richmond, Texas

With a custom solar solution, this home now harnesseses the sun's power, turning high energy costs into significant savings. At Lonestar Solar Services, we illuminate homes without dimming their charm.

Solar Array Install in Richmond, Texas
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06/13 - 07/01 (18 Days)
Richmond, TX
Equipment Installed
22.425kW system / Mission 345W modules / Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter
Solar Panels

Lonestar Solar Services: Powering the Future, One Roof at a Time

Project: The Beautiful Roof

When this homeowner approached us at Lonestar Solar Services, they had a clear vision in mind: to significantly reduce their utility bill without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their beautiful Spanish tile roof. We were more than ready to rise to the challenge.

The Challenge

The home's energy consumption was high, and the homeowner wanted a solution that would offset as much of their energy usage as possible. But there was a catch. The solution had to be in harmony with the architectural integrity of the home.

The Lonestar Solution

We designed a custom solar system that would not only meet the household energy needs but also blend seamlessly with the home's design.

  • High Energy Production: The system we installed at this home produced an impressive average of 32,831 kWh per year. This substantial output resulted in a 90% offset of their yearly energy consumption, bringing this family closer to their goal of eliminating their utility bill. For more insights into how this can benefit homeowners, check out this Solar array install in Killeen Texas.
  • Aesthetic Integration: We understand that a home is more than just a building; it's a personal statement. This homeowner didn't want to compromise the aesthetics of their Spanish tile roof, and we made sure they didn't have to. We utilized a ballasted roof mount system installed on the flat section of the roof, ensuring the solar panels did not disrupt the visual appeal of their home.
Mission Solar 345W Module

The Result

Today, this family enjoys the benefits of a high-performing solar system that complements the design of their home. And they're not just saving on their utility bill; they're also contributing to a more sustainable and secure future.

At Lonestar Solar Services, we're not just installing solar panels; we're helping our clients achieve their energy goals while respecting their unique style and vision. Because we believe that a sustainable future doesn't have to compromise today's aesthetics. For more information, check out this example of a successful Solar array install in Brownsville Texas.

Power your home with Lonestar Solar Services, where functionality meets aesthetics.


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