Donna, TX
Dec 9, 2022

Solar Array Install in Donna, Texas

Step into a project where Lonestar Solar Services transformed a homeowner's curiosity about solar tax credits into a reality. With a 14.22 kW ground mount solar system, the homeowner is not only saving on energy costs but also leveraging a $26,000 federal tax credit. Explore the project to see how we're making solar investments financially rewarding.

Solar Array Install in Donna, Texas
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19 Days (11/20 - 12/09)
Donna, TX
Equipment Installed
14.22kW / REC 395W / Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
Solar Panels

Lonestar Solar Services: Turning Solar Investments into Tax Advantages

Project: Donna's Ground Mount Solar Solution

When a homeowner in Donna, TX, approached us at Lonestar Solar Services, they were intrigued by the tax credits associated with purchasing a solar system. They wanted a solution that would not only reduce their energy costs but also provide significant tax benefits. We were ready to deliver.

The Challenge

The homeowner was interested in leveraging the tax benefits of a solar system and wanted a solution that would significantly offset their energy consumption from the utility.

The Lonestar Solution

We designed a custom ground mount solar system that would not only meet the homeowner's energy needs but also provide significant tax benefits.

  • Efficient Energy Production: We installed a 14.22 kW ground mount solar system equipped with REC 395W panels. This robust system offsets 70% of the homeowner's energy consumption from the utility, significantly reducing their energy costs.
  • Smart Financing and Tax Benefits: We arranged a GoodLeap Loan for the homeowner, enabling them to own their energy outright. This arrangement also allowed them to take advantage of a whopping $26,000 federal tax credit. To see how these benefits can materialize into a real-world project, you might want to explore an example of our work on a solar array installation in Killeen, Texas.
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A beautiful ground-mount solar array installation

The Result

Today, the homeowner enjoys the benefits of a high-performing solar system that not only meets their energy needs but also provides significant tax benefits. They're not just saving on their utility bill; they're also leveraging a substantial federal tax credit. For a detailed example of how these solar systems can be implemented, check out the Solar array install in Brownsville, Texas.

At Lonestar Solar Services, we're not just installing solar panels; we're providing our clients with energy solutions that offer financial benefits. Because we believe that investing in solar energy should be rewarding in more ways than one.

Power your home with Lonestar Solar Services, where solar investments turn into tax advantages.


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