Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Join the solar revolution with Lonestar Solar Services, where you'll find the power of the sun in the palm of your hands. Control your energy, savings, future

This is a beautiful graphic of a Mission Solar panel that's installed by Lonestar Solar Services

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Elevate your solar experience

Step into the light with Lonestar Solar Services, where the sun becomes your personal power plant, and your energy bills turn into a vanishing act. It's a little bit of magic, a whole lot of science, and an endless supply of savings.

Why we're different:

  • Tier-One Solar Panels: We exclusively install top-of-the-line solar panels, ensuring you receive the highest quality, efficiency, and durability available in the market.
  • Turnkey Solutions: Our comprehensive service includes design, installation, repair, and continued support, providing you with a seamless solar experience from start to finish.
  • White Glove Coordination: Our dedicated coordinators offer personalized guidance throughout the entire process, making your transition to solar energy effortless and enjoyable.
  • Panel-Level Monitoring: Stay in control with real-time monitoring of each solar panel's performance, optimizing your energy production and maximizing your savings.
  • Experienced Local Installers: Trust in our team of in-house professionals, boasting over 100 years of combined experience, to deliver top-notch installation and service in your community. For those looking to elevate their outdoor spaces, consider exploring our offerings, including Pergolas, which showcase our commitment to excellence and community service.
  • Reliable Warranties: Lonestar Solar Services provides industry-leading warranties on our installations, ensuring your peace of mind and long-lasting satisfaction with your solar investment.

With every solar panel we install, we're helping you tap into the immense potential of solar energy and creating a world that's better for all. So join us and let's change the energy game – one panel at a time.

  1. Steady Savings: Solar energy offers predictable, locked-in energy rates, freeing you from rising energy costs.
  2. Property Boost: Installing solar panels increases your property value, enhancing its market appeal.
  3. Incentives & Credits: Maximize financial benefits through available solar incentives and tax credits.
  4. Local Support: Choosing Lonestar Solar bolsters the local economy and promotes sustainability.

People are our focus, solutions are our priority

Choose wisely, invest brilliantly: With Lonestar Solar Services, it's always sunny in your world.

More than a solar panel

Lonestar Solar Services makes the impossible possible, marrying the sun's raw power with innovative technology to create a future where your energy is abundant and your carbon footprint is a distant memory.

  • Elite tier-one solar panels covered by a 30-Year Warranty.
  • Highly-efficient microinverters: Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters come with an outstanding 25 Year Warranty.
  • Snappy support: We back all of our solar panel installations with a 25 Year Workmanship Warranty & 10 Year Penetration Warranty.
  • Seamless solutions: As a turnkey provider, we cover all bases from design, engineering, permitting, installation, and ongoing support.

Experience matters

Trust us, not all solar companies are built alike. No third-party contractors or fly-by-night installers here, everything has our signature on it.

  1. Our extensive engineering and construction experience brings precision, expertise, and attention to detail to every aspect of your solar project.
  2. Our direct procurement from manufacturers provides cost efficiency and accessibility to high-quality solar installations.
  3. We provide full accountability and exceptional support and maintenance services for maximum efficiency and optimal performance.
  4. Our EPC model delivers an all-in-one solution, eliminating third-party contractors and ensuring quality and reliability.

We put you in the drivers seat

Have a question? Need some guidance? Say less, our whole team is in your corner with active support 24-hours a day, 6 days a week. Embrace the light, empower your life, and energize your world: The Lonestar Way.

Solar panels: because the sun doesn't send you a bill. Get a quote today and let's start saving.