This is a portrait of Wael Esmair, who is an employee at Lonestar Solar Services

Wael Esmair

Director of Marketing

In a world constantly on the move, Wael Esmair stands still long enough to understand the trends, the motivations, the desires, and then uses this knowledge

"A flower is a weed with an advertising budget."

Wael Esmair, a designer with a focus on data and people, is the Director of Marketing at Lonestar Solar Services. He's proud to wear many hats: web designer, media buyer, technology generalist, search engine optimization specialist, creator, copywriter, product manager, and entrepreneur.

With an innate ability to make the complex simple, he:

  1. Guides with insight - His sharp acumen is the compass for the team, leading the way towards unprecedented success.
  2. Ignites innovation - His creative spark infuses energy into every campaign, and he refuses to design for average.
  3. Builds bridges - His collaborative spirit forges enduring relationships, internally and with clients.

Wael doesn't just see consumers, he understands them. He navigates the labyrinth of consumer psychology with an enviable ease, crafting campaigns that speak to the heart. He's managed to take something as intangible as the sun's energy and turn it into a story that everyone wants to be a part of.

Shaping the future with every sunrise, Wael is the driving force behind Lonestar's rising prominence in the solar landscape.

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