This is a portrait of Fernando Garcia, who is an employee at Lonestar Solar Services

Fernando Garcia

Permitting Coordinator

Fernando Garcia, the Permitting Coordinator at Lonestar Solar Services, might be seen as the silent hero of the team. His role, while seemingly administrative,

The Perfectionist

Fernando Garcia, Permitting Coordinator at Lonestar Solar Services, is the silent hero enabling Lonestar's solar projects to come to life. With his deep understanding of permitting regulations, Fernando opens doors for Lonestar's initiatives to thrive.

  • Fernando's work is like a key turning in a lock, opening the gateways for project implementation. His understanding of local and state regulations ensures that Lonestar's projects align with all necessary compliance standards.
  • In the world of permitting, Fernando is a diplomat. He effectively communicates and negotiates with regulatory bodies, fostering relationships that smooth the way for future projects.
  • Fernando's work is the invisible thread in the fabric of Lonestar's mission. His role may be behind the scenes, but without him, Lonestar's ambitious solar projects wouldn't see the light of day.

Fernando Garcia isn’t just processing permits; he's laying the groundwork for a more sustainable Texas. His contribution to each solar project is a testament to the power of diligent coordination and regulatory understanding.

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