This is a portrait of Jennifer Cravey,who is an employee at Lonestar Solar Services

Jennifer Cravey

Contract Underwriter/ Recruiter

Jennifer Cravey, with her unique combination of roles at Lonestar Solar Services, stands at the intersection of precision and passion. she's the talent magnet

The Passionate One

As both the Contract Underwriter and part-time Recruiter at Lonestar Solar Services, Jennifer Cravey embodies the dual essence of precision and passion. Her unique role combines meticulous contract analysis with the intuitive understanding of people's value.

  • Jennifer's work as an underwriter is like a skilled jeweler examining a diamond. She scrutinizes contracts with precision, ensuring that Lonestar's agreements are both beneficial and risk-averse.
  • In her part-time role as a recruiter, Jennifer is a talent magnet. She has an eye for potential and a knack for identifying individuals who can contribute to Lonestar's mission.
  • Jennifer isn't just an underwriter or a recruiter; she's a bridge connecting Lonestar's operational needs with its human resources.

Jennifer Cravey isn’t just managing contracts or recruiting talent; she's shaping the DNA of Lonestar Solar Services. Her contribution to Lonestar goes beyond her dual roles and permeates every aspect of the company's success.

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